New website – at last!

It’s taken us a while…

We hope you find it useful – your feedback is welcomed.

There are new (and more) photos, and some new features such as an availability calendar and a booking form that automatically sends us an email. You are not obliged to use these for booking, but you should find the calendar useful to give you an idea of whether we have space.

You are still welcome to pick up the phone and call us, or just drop us an email.

We are still resisting joining any of the ‘free’ hotel booking apps – this helps to keep our prices down. You might not know that accommodation providers are charged a hefty commission for every booking made through these sites. So the customer indirectly pays, because the hotelier raises prices to compensate. Not using these sites also means there is no danger of rooms being double-booked. It does make us difficult to find, however, so thank you for making the effort to find us!

The new website should also work much better on your phone, showing as a single column with larger text. We will be able to keep the new site up-to-date much more easily, too. If there is anything on the site you find difficult, please let us know so we can improve or change it.

We aim to keep the information we present honest, accurate and factual. All the photographs were taken by Sarah on an ipad on or from the premises, unless there is a caption that says otherwise.

We have decided to put our prices prominently on the front page – in our opinion it is better than making you spend your time trawling through the website to find them. Our prices stay the same all year round – it doesn’t cost us any more to accommodate guests in the summer! We do however give you discounts for longer stays, which are less costly for us overall.

Thank you for your patience during the period while the old website was out-of-date.

Hope to see you soon,
Sarah and Ian